Free E-mail Hosting

Free e-mail services such as Gmail and Yahoo! Mail are very popular and widely used. However if you want to have more control over your e-mail account and especially if you want to have e-mail accounts at your own domain name these free e-mail services would not be suitable for you. What you would need is free e-mail hosting, which allows you to register and host your domain name and create e-mail addresses at your own domain.

FreeHostia offers free web hosting, which allows you to host up to five domain names (i.e. free domain hosting) and create e-mail accounts at any of these domains. You get features such as forwarding, anti-spam protection, custom e-mail filters, mailing lists and SPF protection.

Free Email hosting with POP3/IMAP and webmail

You can check your e-mail accounts via the user-friendly webmail or you can setup Outlook or any other mail client to access your mail via POP3 or IMAP. With FreeHostia's free hosting plan you get much more than free e-mail hosting - you can setup host up to five web sites - no forced ads, no hidden fees. You can create e-mail accounts for your family, friends or colleagues at your own domain (e.g.